formerly.known.as is your Internet resource for connecting the old with the new. The full domain name of this site is formerly.known.as (there is no ".com" in the name). Any questions or comments about the site can be sent to the webmaster@formerly.known.as e-mail address.

Business Services
Every year thousands of businesses (especially ones with Internet-centric offerings) change their names as part of their marketing strategy or for other reasons. The formerly.known.as site provides a well-known, stable, permanent service that allows Internet users to locate a business on the basis of its former name. For example, if your old business name were Bonition Corporation and your new name is Plankton Media, the URL http://formerly.known.as/bonition would provide visitors with a brief discussion of the name change as well as current information about Plankton Media. We understand that your business may not wish to have a visible web presence under the old name. Because of this, information is presented only to visitors who specifically enter the old business name. The old business name is not otherwise published on our site, and we do not provide a public catalog or directory of old business names. For the protection of both our visitors and the business community, we require hardcopy documentation of the name change and current name ownership. Please contact us for details on what to send and pricing information.
Individual Services
Changing some aspect of one's identity is a frequent occurrence in modern society. This may be a change of name due to marriage, an e-mail address change, or a change of a nickname or "handle" used in chat forums or message boards. The formerly.known.as site will allow Internet users to locate you through your old identity -- either permanently or for any duration that you choose. For example, if your old e-mail address were mary@school.edu, the URL http://formerly.known.as/mary@school.edu would provide your new e-mail address and (optionally) your name and other details that you wish to include. We understand the need to protect your e-mail address from spammers. Because of this, the new e-mail address is provided only to visitors who enter your old e-mail address on our site. Neither your new e-mail address nor the old one is otherwise available on our site, and we do not sell or share any personal information. In particular, we do not make any lists available of the names or e-mail addresses of formerly.known.as customers, and it is not possible for visitors to collect addresses via a search such as *@school.edu. Please contact us for details on verification of your old identity.
Educational Initiatives
formerly.known.as is excited to be able to offer some "old versus new" educational material in the near future. Focus areas currently under development include geographical names, names of famous persons, and well-known names from popular culture. If you have suggestions for what we should include, please let us know!

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